Five Minute Lone Wolf and Cub -001 - Son for Hire, Sword for Hire

I've been reading Lone Wolf and Cub lately, and I'm bored, so I thought I'd do a parody...

FM:LWC:001- Son for Hire, Sword for Hire

Ogami's Client: So... here's your money...
Ogami: ... 
Ogami's Client: Blah blah blah... dishoner... blah blah...Guardian Eight ... blah... branch family vs main family politics... blah blah blah... just go kill the head of household.
Ogami: Damn, Big Brother has gotten competitive.

Guardian 8 Dude 1: Hey guys look over there at that dude and his kid.
Baby Cart Sign:  Son for Hire, Sword  Entertainer for Hire: We are available for any special occasion- Weddings, Barmitzvahs, Children's parties, Funerals... especially funerals. We are absolutely not assassins.
Guardian 8 Dude 2:  Hmm this intelligence report we recieved a couple days ago says something about a man with a baby carriage called Lone Wolf and Cub.
Intelligence Report:  Name: Ogami Itto Weapons: All of them.  Dangerous: For the love of Buddha and all the Kami, don't look at him funny. Dislikes: Rude people Likes: Kids, long walks in the park and killing things. 
Guardian 8 Dude 3: Do... do you think he's the guy we're looking for?

Guardian 8 Dude 1: Say, my good man, is that your son in that baby cart your pushing? 
Ogami: ... No. I just found him.
Guardian 8 Dude 1: Really? O_O
Ogami: No... not really -_-
Guardian 8 Dude 2: @_@ He's adorable. Can I hold him?
Ogami: ... No.
Guardiann 8 Dude 3:  Okay. Wanna fight then? 
Ogami: Fine.

: fight ensues : 

Ogami:  :deadpan: Oh no, I am captured.  How ever did you know my true identity as assassin Lone Wolf and Cub.
Guardian 8: Waha! We knew who you were the whole time!
Ogami: And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids...
Guardian 8: Now we shall bring you to our employer for judgement!
Ogami:  Uh... yeah, you do that...

Ogami: : Is tied up :
Employer: Who sent you to assassinate me? 
Ogami: Oh okay you twisted my arm, I'll tell you everything, but first my son has to go to the bathroom. Right Daigoro? : wink wink nudge nudge : 
Daigoro: : wails :
Employer: Someone take him to the bathroom.
Ogami: Uh actually i'm the only one who he'll let help with that... heh.. you know kids... heh heh
Employer: Well, untying you seems harmless enough... 
Ogami: ...

: Bathroom break! :

Ogami: : Returns : So... how did you know I was an assassin again? 
Employer: Oh we got an alert from one of my spies.
Ogami: Did it read something like:  "Name: Ogami Itto Weapons: All of them.  Dangerous: For the love of Buddha and all the Kami, don't look at him funny. Dislikes: Rude people Likes: Kids, long walks in the park and killing things." ?
Employer: Why yes, that's it word for word.
Ogami: Huh.. funny thing about that....sounds exactly like the one I sent after I killed your spy. 
Hidden Spear in Baby Cart:  : is thrown : 
Employer: : hurk! :  X_X
Guardian 8: Well, this is ungood...Fight then?
Ogami: Fine...

Fight: : Almost ensues : 

Ogami's Client: : Arrives : O hay guyz... so i'm your new head of household since your previous employer got eliminated.  As my first official act, I order you not to kill the assassin which I hired.
Guardian 8: Oh okay, cool.
Ogami: Been nice working with you.  Catch you later.

: Ogami and Daigoro walk off into the sunset : 



Randomness o-o

Was bored so I decided to do some random japanese practice and randomly decided to post it here because I just felt like randomly sharing. Is it correct? probably not o-o but enjoy? I guess?



Rose MMV

Made this for a contest at a board I'm on... the theme was Rose. It's not quite as polished as I would've liked, the deadline was today so I sent it in as is... might fix it up sometime in the future.

Anyway, Enjoy :D

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another test

English Française 日本語
Hello! My name is Mlle Bienvenu. I speak English, bad French and really bad Japanese. LOL
Bonjour! Je m'appelle Mlle Bienvenu. Je parle anglais, mal française, et trés mal japonais. LOL
こんにちは! 私はミリ⋆ビエンヴェヌです。私は英語と悪いフランス語一番悪い日本語に使います. LOL
Hehee .. just testing out the columns feature . .. looks pretty cool :) I saw someone using them for their translations into their fictional language on the conlang community I'm a member of . .thought it looked cool . . . took me a while to realise it was just a table :P : pokes brain :  LOL