mlle_bienvenu (mlle_bienvenu) wrote,

another test

English Française 日本語
Hello! My name is Mlle Bienvenu. I speak English, bad French and really bad Japanese. LOL
Bonjour! Je m'appelle Mlle Bienvenu. Je parle anglais, mal française, et trés mal japonais. LOL
こんにちは! 私はミリ⋆ビエンヴェヌです。私は英語と悪いフランス語一番悪い日本語に使います. LOL
Hehee .. just testing out the columns feature . .. looks pretty cool :) I saw someone using them for their translations into their fictional language on the conlang community I'm a member of . .thought it looked cool . . . took me a while to realise it was just a table :P : pokes brain :  LOL


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